Eco-Friendly Materials


Aspen Materials is a business unit within Aspen Research Corporation, a science-minded company known for excellence in analytical chemistry and contract engineering. Our capabilities include the use of a variety of twin-screw compounders with associated feed and downstream systems, as well as quality control test tools on-site.

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Aspen Materials develops and manufactures a variety of polymers and compounds. Each material starts with a foundation of traditional polymers, bio-polymers, or bio-alloys, while we further their reach to customer applications with performance modifications and case-by-case custom compounds.

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Customer Service


Aspen Materials provides a service-focused approach to material development and toll manufacturing, emphasizing a flexible and agile process, timely responses, and quality materials and solutions. Cross-functional teams ensure extensive industry experience and fresh perspectives on challenging materials and applications.

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Revolutionary plastic procedures
It'll blow your mind.

Aspen Materials is constantly on the cutting edge of plastics technologies. Operating under an ISO 9000:2008 quality management system (TUV Certified), Aspen Materials has developed a base line of product platforms for direct use or modified for use to meet our customer's material performance needs.

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Perfect for Injection Molding
See for yourself.

Take our PLA pellets and become an artist. Create the product of your dreams, from easter eggs to 3D printing projects, because our PLA is top of the line.

A one of a kind company
Pilots in the plastics industry

We are blazing trails in material process development and are partnered with leading bio-polymer producers to manufacture customized sustainable and bio-based polymer composites.

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